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Apple VP Kaiann Drance on iPhone 13 Pro macro challenge winning photos [Video]

Today Apple announced the winners of its iPhone Macro Challenge. While some photos were produced by professionals, others were just taken by daily iPhone users that saw an opportunity to try the macro photography function of the latest iPhone 13 Pro.

In an interview with photographer Tyler Stalman, Apple’s VP of iPhone Marketing, Kaiann Drance, talks about the context and the evolution of mobile photography. Not only that, but Stalman was also able to speak to some of the winners of the iPhone Macro Challenge.

In total, ten people won the challenge. Over the next few weeks, Apple will start to promote the winners on its Instagram with ads and more.

Unlike other challenges, this one highlights the power of macro photography, recently reintroduced on the iPhone with the iPhone 13 Pro line. Here’s what Drance says about Apple’s latest flagship iPhone:

“One of the things we believe at Apple is that the true potential of our products is fully realized when it gets into the hands of our users. This challenge, in particular, really showcases that beautifully as we have people from all different backgrounds.”

She also reminds some of the things Apple was promoting when the new iPhone 13 Pro camera capabilities were announced, such as Cinematic mode and, of course, macro photography:

“Macro photography has traditionally been a technique that’s been reserved for pro photographers that needed to carry on a separate lens or needed special equipment. And now, on the iPhone 13 Pro, is this new macro capability that you can just bring the camera close and it’ll automatically get into that really stunning sharp focus to be able to take such a tremendous detail and really illuminate an ordinary thing into an extraordinary thing.”

Apart from Drance, Stalman also spoke to Trevor Collins, Ashley Lee, Guido Cassanelli, Abhik Mondal, and Daniel Olah, some of the winners of the iPhone Macro Challenge.

The full interview is available below and it’s totally worth it checking it out. What’s the best photo of the contest taken on the iPhone 13 Pro? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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