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Inside the iPhone 13 – photos show five visible changes

We’re of course expecting to get a detailed look inside the iPhone 13 when iFixit does its usual teardown, but in the meantime a couple of photos provide a sneak peek.

The photos show five visible changes when compared to the iPhone 12

Sonny Dickson has shared the photos, and Brahm Shank of Techrndr annotated one of them with the changes that can be seen just from looking at the components in situ.

First, and most obvious, is a 15% larger battery in the standard iPhone 13. The exact increase in capacity varies by model.

According to the released stats, the iPhone 13 mini will sport a 9.57 watt hour battery, compared to the 8.57 watt hour battery in the iPhone 12 mini, or an increase of about 11.6%.

The standard iPhone 12 featured a 10.78 watt hour battery. For the iPhone 13, Apple has packed in 12.41 watt hours, an increase of 15%.

The iPhone 12 Pro had the same 10.78 watt hour battery as the 12, but the iPhone 13 Pro now has a 11.97 watt hour battery — up 11%.

Finally, Apple’s largest phone — the iPhone 13 Pro Max — now sports a 16.75 watt hour battery. That’s up 18% from last year’s 12 Pro Max, which had a 14.13 watt hour battery inside.

Apple claims up to 2.5 hours longer battery life, and early reviews seem to back this.

I’ve only had the phones for a little less than a week, so I focused most of my use on the smaller iPhone 13 Pro as a kind of worst-case test. And my results are in line with Apple’s claims. On a day when we really pushed the phone with lots of 4K video and max brightness on the screen, it still lasted from early morning to 11PM with 20 percent remaining — with somewhere north of four hours of very heavy use in the screen time tracking app.

The notch is of course a bit smaller this year, and the interior shots reveal how this has been achieved. The TrueDepth camera system used for Face ID is 20% smaller. Additionally, the dot projector has been repositioned.

Finally, the Taptic Engine is visibly smaller in the iPhone 13, and the earpiece has been relocated.

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