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Would you pay for a 1TB iPhone? [Poll]

Considering Apple shipped the original iPhone with 4GB of storage, it’s impressive to think about how fast and far the device has come. For the iPhone 13, expectations are building that for the first time, Apple could offer a 1TB option. Would you spend the money to max out your next iPhone with a terabyte of storage?

Over the weekend, we saw a report from analysts at Wedbush say the iPhone 13 launching later this year is likely to arrive with a new high-end storage option of 1TB. That comes after Jon Prosser previously reported the same.

The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max currently top out at 512GB. That maximum was first introduced back in 2019 with the iPhone XS and XS Max. Prior to that, the iPad Pro lineup got the 1TB storage option back in 2018.

Another change that came with the iPhone 12 Pro last year was the bump of the base storage from 64GB to 128GB. However, those that are most likely to buy Apple’s high-end iPhones are the same users who are likely to use more storage.

While 1TB may sound like overkill to some, others might like the idea of never having to worry about running out. Particularly, if you like to shoot lots of 4K video, use Apple’s new ProRAW image format regularly, or store large media libraries locally, 1TB could be worth it.

How about you? Would you pay for a 1TB iPhone? Let us know in the poll and comments below!

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